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was born Sharyn Friedman on February 26th
in New York City, New York.

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Sharyn at 3 months
Sharyn as a three month old baby

Sharyn with cousin Richie
Sharyn at Brookside Bungalow Colony
Spring Valley, NY c. 1960

and then there were three!
Sharyn, baby sister Lisa and brother Bruce

then came four!
Wayne joins the family
Sharyn, Wayne & Bruce

Shari was a proud Beach Bum!
"Shari" age 15, at Jones Beach, NY (Field 4)

I have the cutest siblings!
Wayne & Lisa after a bath
c. 1974


to read the story of Sharyn's trip to Watkins Glen age 17

The Friedman siblings, Spring of 1977
Bruce (17) Wayne (6) Lisa (12) & Sharyn (21)
Sleepover in Plainview, NY

32 years later!
Friedman siblings - June 26, 2009
Wayne, Lisa, Bruce & Sharyn together again!
The night before Andy & Sarah's wedding
Cary, NC

The Friedman siblings Dec. 11, 2010
Wayne, Sharyn, Lisa and Bruce
during Jake's bar mitzvah
Melville, NY

typical Saturday morning
Father's Day at the Friedman house
Ron, Bruce & Wayne
June 15, 1980

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Sharyn in the "perm" phase
Sharyn, age 25, in Plainview, NY

25 years together!
July 26, 2008

Married Larry Fuller
May 8, 1983


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Want to see more vacation pics?

Sharyn's parents and their clan - Thanksgiving 2001
(with Hayden on Dad's lap??)

The family once again in April 2004,
this time with a real Hayden!

top row: Brett & Gil Rejwan, Angela & Bruce Friedman, Larry & Sharyn Fuller
2nd row: Lisa Rejwan, Paul Friedman, Andy Fuller, Wayne Friedman
couch: Jake Rejwan, Ron Friedman, Hayden Rejwan, Ruth Friedman, Marc Friedman
floor: Tracey Fuller and John Bruce Friedman

Peggy and I became best friends in February 1966
Best Friends in the Bronx
December 1967
Sharyn & Bruce and Peggy & David Lennon

All still friends - 41 years later!
From the Bronx to Plainview, and beyond!

we only had to take 20 shots to get a good one!
Bruce, Peggy, Sharyn & David
September 2008
Plainview, NY

The Lennon and Friedman 'kids' - and our kids!
July 2002
Paul, Wayne, Bruce, Sean, Peggy, Michael, Lisa (top row)
Lawrence, John, Marc, Paul, Jake (middle row)
Sharyn, Tracey, Brett, Andy (seated)

we were in the same class for 5 straight yeas
Sharyn Friedman & Fern Jacobs
PS 64, Bronx, NY 1965

and good friends for 3 years now!
Sharyn & Fern, 40 years later!
April 2005

Sharyn's little Tracey turns 18!

Sharyn proud of Andy's achievements
UNC-Chapel Hill  4/17/06

Stonehenge Office
Sharyn at the Fonville Morisey Cocktail Party
Sept. 26th, 2006

Stonehenge Office
Sharyn, Tracey and the newest grandkids:
Hudson & Nolan Fuller

Sharyn filmed TWO episodes of "Buy Me" for HGTV!
filming started in 3/07 and wrapped up in 6/07

article in Raleigh Newspaper on November 20th, 2007

Sharyn filming 1st "Buy Me" show - 3/3/07

Episode #610 & Episode #705

If you missed them on TV but would still like to see them,
please send email to

Sharyn was also featured in the July 2008 issue of the national "Realtor" Magazine
REALTOR MAGAZINE article July 2008 (PDF)

photo taken during the shoot for the article
online version of article

Sharyn's brother Wayne gets married!

Jan and Wayne Friedman
New Orleans, LA 9/29/07

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On 11/22/08, Jan Brennan Friedman
performed a show at "Don't Tell Mama" in NYC.
CLICK HERE to view slideshow of our trip to see her!
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3/04 Jones Beach Bums reunion website

New York Newsday article about the Jones Beach Bums:
May 26, 2007

Newsday article published Sept 2004

Sharyn's son has gotten married!!!
See "Andrew" page

Windows version of Andy & Sarah's slideshow
Quick Time version of slideshow


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Sarah's grandma

We are so proud of our son Andy
Sarah & Andy's wedding page has been started!

Our 7th cruise, Sept. 2009
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